Research & Public Speaking.


I believe research should be relevant and rigorous. My main focus area is the field of social acceptance of renewable energy and electric mobility. 

Recent academic publications: 

Vuichard, P., Stauch, A., & Wüstenhagen, R. (2020). Keep it local and low-key: Social acceptance of alpine solar power projects. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 110516. (Impact factor: 14.982)

Vuichard, P., Stauch, A. & Dällenbach, N. (2019). Individual or collective? Community investment, local taxes, and the social acceptance of wind energy in Switzerland. Energy Research & Social Science, 58, 101275.  (Impact factor: 6.834)

Vuichard, P. (2021). Electrifying the company car: Identifying hard and soft barriers among fleet managers in Switzerland. Energy Research & Social Science, 77, 102098. (Impact factor: 6.834)

Please get in touch if you have exciting ideas for collaborations in these areas.

Public Speaking

I give talks on topics related to my work and moderate workshops and panel discussions. Below a selection of recent talks – get in touch!

Selection of recent talks:

Die Energiewende aus Sicht der Konsument:innen
@ Solution Days

COP Engagement: UNFCCC – Negotiation tactics and other important factors
@ Swiss Youth for Climate

Green Future – Hong Kong & Switzerland: What can we learn from each other?
@ Hong Kong Book Fair

Social Acceptance of Renewable Energies & Electric Mobility
@ Governing Energy Transitions – CAS-HSG